Satellite TV

I also do “smart satellite installations”, better than “Freeview” is able to offer.

Do you want no contracts with any TV PROVIDERS?
And no monthly charges at all..??

Commonly called “Freeview” in New Zealand Parlance.

However there is much more that can be got from a “smart satellite” installation including Television from Australia, which I personally find very enjoyable to watch. Yes, many modern flat screen TVs do come with Freeview built into them, but that severely limits what you can tune into.

To get more value for your dollar you will need to invest in the following.
A good sized satellite dish to avoid rain fade and to get a stronger signal, to access more channels to watch. A one meter dish is what I am talking about.

A smart decoder (set top box) that will allow you to have access to literally hundreds of TV channels that are free to watch. Some are in foreign languages, but many are in real English and are able to be accessed from this part of the world. Once the TV is on you run the whole show from the Smart Decoder remote.

With a smart decoder you can attach a relatively cheap externally mounted Computer hard disk that will allow you to record any programme that you would like to watch later and for me personally be able to fast forward the add breaks, which I love doing.

You can setup programmes to record daily, once weekly or on only the week days Mon to Fri. This can be fully automatic while you asleep or are out for a while one evening. Simple to do and a pleasure to access and watch when you want. Delete recorded stuff or drag them to your computer for editing and burning to DVDs.

I am quite happy to talk to you on the phone about this wonderful modern access to the world or I can come to your home and personally explain any further points you may have questions about.

Call Henry on 09 554 1324 or on 021 126 7576