W7 (Widows 7 Operating System)
In short I like it. I have been running W7 as my main daily computers Windows operating system now for some 10 months and it has never faltered for me. I run the 64bit version as it allows me to have 8 gigs of ram available all the time. Note there is a limit with the 32 bit version of W7 where you can only run 3 gigs of Ram memory, which is not enough for many modern things. While many of my computer clients are still on Windows XP and probably will remain so for a long time or until Microsoft pull the plug on XP updates, I will try to move clients over to W7 for its better functionality.
There are a few legacy 32 bit programmes that will not work on W7 but I have an older XP machine to take care of those items.
Summary for me — and hopefully for smart clients.
W7 does these things well.

1) It boots quicker than XP.

2) It shuts down quicker than XP.

3) I can create a whole image of a W7 machine as one compressed file, minus DATA. Usually around the 8 to 12 gig size. I can recover a computer totally with this one image file.

4) I can create a backup of the C drive partition to a separate partition and with a repair CD/DVD. I can restore the W7 partition leaving the “DATA only” partition totally untouched. I make 3 partitions in my builds of W7 machines. This can be done if windows will not boot up at all. But one does need the CD/DVD to make this happen and there are 32 bit and 64 bit disk versions..!! W7 has the ability for you to make this disk onto either CDs or DVDs.

5) I myself use multiple disks for ease of use, but one hard disk can suffice for all of this functionality. Very slick for my clients.

More to come on this one. Henry on 11th Sept 2011 …9/11 Day.