Backup Systems

1) I find that many computer users don’t have a backup copy (2nd Copy) of their valuable files which for most home users are lots of family photographs taken on modern digital cameras. The odd few letters written in word are all most home users have.

2) For business users I tend to get “firm” with them needing at least one or multiple backup systems. Business people listen to me in this regard.

3) For one off computer users backup is a breeze these days with portable laptop hard disks in small packages now offering huge capacity for a very modest price?

4) Replication software either paid for and fully automatic or free manual user driven programmes make backup of your files an easy task. Unlike backup software of old they are real files that you can access on another computer. Backups by replication bypass files that have been copied previously, but new files and modified files with changed date stamps are updated only. Replication for backup is very fast.

Is an area of special interest to me and I have methods in place to help people either remotely or from images I maintain in my workshop for my clients. A second hard disk in a “desktop computer” is the best “System Restore” method but one does need to make a new copy from time to time. I run my data files on a separate hard disk (completely out of the system partition) and that gets automatically replicated to another computer daily. Very modern Laptops are now coming out with eSATA ports that may open up possibilities for hard disk clones to be made.
Talk to me about methods to preserve your precious data files.
Remember that photos are seen as files by computers.