Are copies of specific areas your computers screen? I use “Faststone Capture” (US$20 to buy) for my own personal computer because I can make notes on the captured screens and these are helpful to me and my computer clients.

URL is
Screenshots can be very helpful or any number of things and Faststone now works to send the captured screens directly to my Outlook email client.
Windows 7 and 8.1 does have its own capture screen add on but it is very low key and not worth bothering with in my estimation.
However there is now a totally free screen capture programme that you can download from a German website called Greenshot. Here is the URL to start.
You can configure Greenshot to put images always into your computers “clipboard” for use at will to paste into emails for other programmes. It works very well and while not as useful to me as Faststone Capture it is FREE.