Considering to buy a NEW laptop

Thinking of buying a NEW laptop….
1) Restore disks
2) Hard disk restore media.
3) Cost versus processing power.
1) I have a biased view mainly because I find myself needing to rebuild laptops for my computer clients. Many modern laptops ship with no restore media (DVDs) at all, so if your hard disk fails you have to find some means of getting a physical copy of your Operating System, let alone your correct drivers. Modern laptops also use UEFI a new form of bias that can be very tricky.
Hewlett Packard (HP) supply you in the box copies of your “Operating System” as restorable DVDs that you can use, but more importantly they also give you disks that have the specific drivers for the hardware items in your Laptop. As there are always attempts to cut costs even some of the cheaper mass market consumer laptops by HP are now being shipped with no restore physical media at all.

2) Laptops that don’t have physical restore disks often rely on a hidden partition on your hard disk that allows their restore to factory defaults to be done. Unless you have a backup of your precious data all your data will be lost via this means. Plus you will get all the manufactures “bloat ware” all back again, that hassles you to register it all over again. Also Office maybe lost and you will also lose the registration that you did earlier on. Want to pay for Office again…no way..??

3) I often get laptops coming to me that are way more powerful than my clients actually need. Do you need an expensive high resolution screen, a large hard disk and heaps of RAM? I doubt it, unless you are a high end game player and need the pure grunt of a fast processor and dedicated graphics card that will give you lots of fine detail, to make your game more real. Even then you should look at a high end desktop computer with all this up market stuff for games.

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